Unlocking Opportunity: Your Path to the Dutch Startup Visa

Discover the straightforward process of obtaining the Dutch startup visa, designed to assist innovative entrepreneurs outside the EU in establishing businesses in the Netherlands swiftly. Let Unusual Companies guide you through our Dutch startup visa consultancy services, ensuring a seamless journey to residency in the Netherlands.

Expert Guidance for Startups in the Netherlands

Gain valuable support in your startup journey by securing a facilitator or accelerator as required for the startup visa application. With Unusual Companies' specialized consultants, you'll receive personalized assistance in selecting the ideal facilitator tailored to your startup's needs in the Netherlands.

Navigating Dutch Residence and Work Permits

Once approved for the Dutch startup visa, entrepreneurs receive a one-year work and residence permit, paving the way to build and expand their businesses in the Netherlands. Trust Unusual Companies to facilitate a smooth transition and ensure all requirements are met for a successful residency permit application.

Continued Success: Transitioning to Self-Employment Visa

As your first year in the Netherlands concludes, Unusual Companies supports entrepreneurs in extending their residency permit. With a letter of recommendation from your facilitator and expert guidance from Unusual Companies, navigating the process for obtaining a Netherlands self-employment visa is seamless and straightforward.

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Requirements of Dutch Startup Visa

Work with a Facilitator
Innovative Product/Service
Detailed Business Plan
Operational Marketing Plan
Serve Customers Within a Couple of Months
Sufficient Financial Resources

Client Testimonials

At Unusual Companies, we’re deeply committed to empowering entrepreneurs to achieve their visions. We take immense pride in the success stories of the startups and established companies we’ve had the privilege to assist.

Mustafa Dalcı Mustafa Dalcı // Founder of Userspots

"Many thanks to Unusual Companies team for helping us to move our business to the Netherlands. We had a very trouble-free experience during this process; it was quite smooth! If you plan to extend your business in the Netherlands, I recommend you contact Unusual Companies team"

Mustafa Dalcı // Founder of Userspots
Filiz Ekinci Filiz Ekinci // Founder of Globus Netherlands B.V.Doc

"We worked with Unusual Companies team in our Netherlands company incorporation process. Both Turkey and the Netherlands teams are very professional. They completed the incorporation on time and as they stated from the beginning. They helped us with their answers to our questions and guidance during the process. Even after the company incorporation was completed, they sincerely answered our questions. We would like to thank them and recommend them to everyone who is considering setting up a company in the Netherlands."

Filiz Ekinci // Founder of Globus Netherlands B.V.Doc
Eser Sevinç Eser Sevinç // Founder of MileSell B.V.

"I worked with Unusual Companies team on the challenging process of obtaining a startup visa for the Netherlands. The team is a true expert in this field, and their guidance was invaluable to me. From the moment we met, they displayed a deep understanding of the intricacies of the startup visa process and Dutch entrepreneurship regulations. They patiently walked me through every step. Thanks to their guidance, I was able to navigate the complexities of the visa application smoothly and establish my startup in the Netherlands."

Eser Sevinç // Founder of MileSell B.V.
Uğur Erkal & İzlen Geneci Uğur Erkal & İzlen Geneci // Cofounders of Buildvision.ai

"We decided to work with Unusual Companies team in the Dutch startup visa process. They quickly identified the most suitable facilitator and guided us very well. We created a strategic business plan together, and with their expertise and support throughout this process, we were in harmony as if we had been working together for years. While waiting for our visa application, we could entirely focus on our own work, knowing that everything is under control regarding visa procedures. Thank Unusual Team very much for their outstanding performance and cooperation in a short time!"

Uğur Erkal & İzlen Geneci // Cofounders of Buildvision.ai
Cemile Meydan Cemile Meydan // Business Development Manager

"The Unusual Companies Team helped me a lot for every single step of my relocation to the Netherlands. In this way, without any administrative stress, and very quickly, I adopted the country and started discovering the Dutch market and developing appropriate strategies to approach the market. In addition to that, it allowed me to not only find new customer but also open door to work in a solution-oriented manner and innovative products. As a Business Development Manager, this has been a gateway to both finding new clients and developing solutions. Thank to the Unusual Companies Team!"

Cemile Meydan // Business Development Manager
İsmail Cenk Yalçın İsmail Cenk Yalçın // Financial Risk Manager

"Endless thanks to the Unusual Companies team, who managed a journey with infinite unknowns at the beginning, with the right information and guidance, on the most appropriate road map, without surprises, without any worries, within a reasonable budget and in a reasonable time."

İsmail Cenk Yalçın // Financial Risk Manager

How to Apply for a Dutch Startup Visa?


The facilitators will have the first call with you to clarify your business and the specific goals you have for the next 12 months of your business. A “jaarplan” (year plan) is crucial in this step.


After the first call, you will be invited to a second call with the startup visa coaches for a more detailed discussion about your business plan. You will also meet your mentor during this call.


After this second step, the facilitator will decide to continue with your application.

Pricing & What’s Included

Included in the services listed below, an Unusual Companies team representative will accompany the entrepreneur to the first meeting/presentation with the facilitator.

The most suitable facilitator for an entrepreneur’s product/service is determined in the Netherlands.

The entrepreneur’s product/ service idea is conveyed, and a meeting appointment is made on their behalf.

An entrepreneur is accompanied by a consultant at the first and presentation meetings where their product/ service will be introduced.

After the meeting, half an hour of counselling is given about the next steps.

Consultancy Fee

The Unusual Companies team also assists with a comprehensive business plan and follow-up process for further steps.

Providing consultancy services to entrepreneurs seeking a Dutch startup visa in the Netherlands.

Offering guidance throughout the visa application process, ensuring entrepreneurs correctly fill out all required documents.

Assistance to find the most suitable facilitator (accelerator) in the Netherlands.

Business Plan:
Assistance and guidance through the business plan creation process, which is required for the startup visa application.

Controlling all the prepared documents and handling any updates or changes requested.

starting from

What documents are needed for the Dutch startup visa application?

After you get accepted by the facilitator, an application has to be filled out by the client. All foreign documents must be legalised and translated into Dutch, English, French or German.

Next, what is needed is a copy of the registration of the company in the trade register for the Chamber of Commerce (KvK).

A detailed step-by-step plan is required, consisting of the following information your your business:

  • Structure
  • Assigned roles and tasks
  • Legal form of the business
  • Personnel
  • Purpose of the business
  • Description of the idea for the product and services and why it is innovative
  • Description of the development activities associated with setting up the company
  • Details of the development activities planned for the first 12 months
  • Detailed marketing plan and market analysis

Financial proof that you have sufficient financial resources to live and start your business in the Netherlands for a minimum of one year; this is due to startup entrepreneurs not being allowed to rely on public funds such as welfare benefits.

An agreement between the startup entrepreneur (you) and the facilitator in which the support/ coaching is explained.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Netherlands startup visa?

The Netherlands startup visa is designed to help technology and innovation-oriented entrepreneurs outside the European Union establish a business in the Netherlands quickly. This visa allows entrepreneurs to start or grow a new business in the Netherlands.

Who can apply for the Netherlands startup visa?

There is a list of general requirements, including:

  • You have to work with a facilitator in the Netherlands
  • The product/service has to be innovative
  • You require a detailed business plan
  • You need an operational marketing plan to grow internationally
  • Your business should be operational within a couple of months
  • There are certain financial requirements

Is there a time limit to the Netherlands startup visa?

The startup visa enables you to live and work as a business owner in the Netherlands for up to a year. When this first year ends, you can apply for residency based on self-employment, or chose a different type of residence permit as long as you fulfill the necessary requirements.

Which industries are preferred for the Netherlands startup visa?

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency will evaluate whether your product/ service qualifies as “innovative”. To be deemed innovative, your product or service must satisfy at least one of the following three conditions:

  • The product/ service must be new to the Netherlands.
  • The product/ service involves a novel technology utilised for production, distribution, or marketing.
  • It incorporates a fresh and innovative method in organisational or process management.

How long is the application process for the Netherlands startup visa?

The processing time for the application may last up to three months. Upon your arrival in the Netherlands, you will receive information regarding when and where to claim your residence permit. The pickup location may be an Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) office or one of the Netherlands’ Expat Centers.

What is a facilitator?

The Facilitator offers the entrepreneur customised support based on their unique startup needs. This may involve assistance with operations, marketing, research, and securing investments for innovative businesses. The facilitator is required to fulfil the following requirements:

  • They should have prior experience in guiding innovative startups.
  • They must be financially sound.
  • The should neither be undergoing bankruptcy nor have negative equity.
  • They cannot hold a majority stake in the startup company.
  • They cannot be relative up to the third degree of the startup entrepreneur.

What is the RVO?

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) aids entrepreneurs and organisations in investing, developing, and expanding their businesses and projects, both domestically and internationally. It is a government agency under the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

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