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As a global team with offices in Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Istanbul, Unusual Companies is dedicated to helping international companies expand their reach. From company establishment to Dutch startup visa consultancy, our turn-key professional services cover all your needs.

Experience the Diversity of the Unusual Companies Team

At Unusual Companies, we take pride in our diverse team from various backgrounds. This diversity gives us a competitive edge in delivering top-of-the-line customer service, especially in various visa application services in the Netherlands.

Tailored Solutions for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship comes with unique challenges, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution. At Unusual Companies, we understand this and work hard to design custom solutions tailored to each client's specific needs and business goals.

Join Our Legacy of Customer Satisfaction

With a 100% success rate, Unusual Companies boasts a legacy of happy customers and thriving businesses. Our dedication to serving businesses in reaching their growth goals and becoming global companies is evident in our exceptional customer service and proven results worldwide.

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At Unusual Companies, our mission is to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive in the Netherlands.

Growing Together

We're proud to partner with diverse companies and entrepreneurs globally, looking forward to their growth and success stories.


Your Business, Now Global

Calling all visionary entrepreneurs! Ready to make your mark in the Netherlands? Secure your Dutch startup visa or explore seamless company establishment services with Unusual Companies.

Executive Team

Unusual Companies stands out for its dedication to superior customer service, driven by a highly efficient workflow and a diverse, skilled team.


Amrit Singh

Managing Shareholder / Tax Lawyer

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Chantelle Alberts

Operations Manager

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Enes Şahin

Growth Marketing Manager

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Gökhan Doğru

Managing Partner

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Manjot Singh

Tax Associate

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Seçkin Canan


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Yavuz Selim Yaşar

Business Development Manager

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Client Testimonials

At Unusual Companies, we’re deeply committed to empowering entrepreneurs to achieve their visions. We take immense pride in the success stories of the startups and established companies we’ve had the privilege to assist.

Mustafa Dalcı Mustafa Dalcı // Founder of Userspots

"Many thanks to Unusual Companies team for helping us to move our business to the Netherlands. We had a very trouble-free experience during this process; it was quite smooth! If you plan to extend your business in the Netherlands, I recommend you contact Unusual Companies team"

Mustafa Dalcı // Founder of Userspots
Filiz Ekinci Filiz Ekinci // Founder of Globus Netherlands B.V.Doc

"We worked with Unusual Companies team in our Netherlands company incorporation process. Both Turkey and the Netherlands teams are very professional. They completed the incorporation on time and as they stated from the beginning. They helped us with their answers to our questions and guidance during the process. Even after the company incorporation was completed, they sincerely answered our questions. We would like to thank them and recommend them to everyone who is considering setting up a company in the Netherlands."

Filiz Ekinci // Founder of Globus Netherlands B.V.Doc
Eser Sevinç Eser Sevinç // Founder of MileSell B.V.

"I worked with Unusual Companies team on the challenging process of obtaining a startup visa for the Netherlands. The team is a true expert in this field, and their guidance was invaluable to me. From the moment we met, they displayed a deep understanding of the intricacies of the startup visa process and Dutch entrepreneurship regulations. They patiently walked me through every step. Thanks to their guidance, I was able to navigate the complexities of the visa application smoothly and establish my startup in the Netherlands."

Eser Sevinç // Founder of MileSell B.V.
Uğur Erkal & İzlen Geneci Uğur Erkal & İzlen Geneci // Cofounders of Buildvision.ai

"We decided to work with Unusual Companies team in the Dutch startup visa process. They quickly identified the most suitable facilitator and guided us very well. We created a strategic business plan together, and with their expertise and support throughout this process, we were in harmony as if we had been working together for years. While waiting for our visa application, we could entirely focus on our own work, knowing that everything is under control regarding visa procedures. Thank Unusual Team very much for their outstanding performance and cooperation in a short time!"

Uğur Erkal & İzlen Geneci // Cofounders of Buildvision.ai
Cemile Meydan Cemile Meydan // Business Development Manager

"The Unusual Companies Team helped me a lot for every single step of my relocation to the Netherlands. In this way, without any administrative stress, and very quickly, I adopted the country and started discovering the Dutch market and developing appropriate strategies to approach the market. In addition to that, it allowed me to not only find new customer but also open door to work in a solution-oriented manner and innovative products. As a Business Development Manager, this has been a gateway to both finding new clients and developing solutions. Thank to the Unusual Companies Team!"

Cemile Meydan // Business Development Manager
İsmail Cenk Yalçın İsmail Cenk Yalçın // Financial Risk Manager

"Endless thanks to the Unusual Companies team, who managed a journey with infinite unknowns at the beginning, with the right information and guidance, on the most appropriate road map, without surprises, without any worries, within a reasonable budget and in a reasonable time."

İsmail Cenk Yalçın // Financial Risk Manager

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